Sunday, January 29, 2012

Everything is out

Everything I need/want to remove from the car is finally out.  The last parts to go were the fuel lines and some pieces that I later determined were fuel pressure accumulators.  I can now say with complete confidence that I'm 98% sure I cannot spill any more gasoline on the floor of the garage. 

It's time to pick the next part of the project to work on.  Since most things are best done after the motor adapters to be made and I'm at the mercy and schedule of my gracious friends who are helping to make those, I will probably start doing some interior work at this point.  I have my eye on a few seats and some carpeting, and I'm going to try and reglue the rear seats since they're peeling up.  Once this is done, the wife will be a lot happier!

On a side note, this fuel system in this car is an engineering marvel.  Modern cars have a bunch of sensors to monitor data all over the car and a computer calculates the perfect amount of fuel to inject into each cylinder.  Back in the mid-seventies, they didn't have computers but they managed to figure out how to do this mechanically.  A look at the Haynes manual showed me the schematic and description of how they used a mass airflow sensor, warm up valve, idle bypass, and "wine glass" shaped throats to create a non-linear fuel/airflow ratio that compensates for when you accelerate, engine temperature, and any number of other factors.  It's amazing they figured out how to do this.  It also makes me appreciate the fact that I won't ever have to figure out how to get this car through emissions.

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