Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dashboard Repair Part 2

We were treated to an unseasonably cool day a week ago (high of 80°) so I took the opportunity to work on my dashboard.  I hadn't finished this because it involves epoxying the edges of the vinyl cloth down to the dashboard and it smells too bad to do it inside and it's been way to hot to do outside (epoxy cures really fast).  But today was perfect.  I started on the windshield side that's hard to notice if I screw up.  I've got 4 small clamps, so I'm limited to about a foot at a time.

That worked out well so I started on the front side.  I'm using small balsa sticks to help distribute the load.

It's 8 minute epoxy so after 2 hours or so of going in and out, this is the final product!  Looks pretty good huh?  I'm not sure you can see, but there are two patches that need to be spliced in that I'll do another day.  I also have to cut out the defrost holes.  Soon I can put the interior back together!

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