Friday, January 11, 2013

That's where it's all gonna go

Ok, maybe not everything, but I got a lot of stuff to fit under the hood.  Lots of tangible progress since the last post.  The next two pics are of the entire engine compartment.  You can see the motor controller on the left, the potentiometer in the front, the DC-DC converter on the firewall, and the water coolant tank up front as well.  Ok, that coolant tank isn't actually mounted yet, but its got a home.

I made a mount for the vacuum tank, but when I got the controller in I realized they ran into each other.  Not a big deal to move it but whoops!  I'm also not sure I'll need a tank.  After hearing Joe's noisy piston vacuum pump I've decided to try and make a rotary vane pump work.  It's also relatively cheap, but we'll see...vacuum tank, if I use it, is that big black PVC tube.

Here you can see both of my contactors.  They connect and disconnect the battery pack from the motor and controller and are two stages of safety in case I need to disconnect quick for some reason.  you can also see where the big cables are going to hook up to the controller.

Here is the converter that takes the 225v from the main battery pack and steps it down to 12v to operate all the regular stuff in the car.

Here is the potentiometer that tells the controller how hard I'm pushing down on the pedal.  Everything is hooked up and calibrated, I just need to weld one bracket in place that's currently held on with a clamp.

And here's my first clamp casualty.  Normally I clamp parts together, then tack weld them (very small welds just to hold the pieces together), then take the clamp off and do the rest of the welding.  Well this time I figured it was such a small weld I'd just do it with the clamp in place.  When I went to take the clamp off I noticed there was a puddle of liquid metal on one end.  I think these are made of tin or aluminum.  Oh well!

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