Monday, June 17, 2013

Free Parking

Today was a momentous occasion for me, I finally drove all the way in to work and back!  My employer has  a solar array in the parking lot and they lease shaded parking spaces under there.  But there are a few fortunate people who get free spots for 100% alternative fuel vehicles, carpooling, and hybrid vehicles (in that priority).  I pulled into my spot this morning even though I didn't have a permit yet (they've had one set aside for me for about two months now, but wouldn't give me the permit until I started driving the car) and within 3 hours I already had my first parking ticket!  Luckily there's no substance to the ticket, and I now have my permit so I can park legally from now on.

Here are the stats from today's drive.
According to Google it's 11.2 miles each way, so 22.4 miles total.
Total energy consumed: 4792 Wh
Energy per mile: 214 Wh/mile
Theoretical max capacity of the battery pack = 3.3x70x60 = 13.68 kW-hr
% Battery consumed: 35%
Max battery amps: 162 A
Minimum battery voltage: 216 V

Unfortunately, RTD explorer apparently experienced a user error and I didn't get any data from the trip other than when it first started up.  Mostly I was wondering how hot the controller would get.  It started out at 104 °F and finished hot to the touch, but not so hot you couldn't keep your hand on it.  So maybe 120 °F at least on the outside?  Not too bad.  Now I get to sweat through 4 hours of charging.  Speaking of sweating, pretty soon I'm gonna need to get the AC working!

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