Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Compare and Save!

There are quite a few online stores that sell electric vehicle stuff.  It's not a surprise that a lot of it is just stuff they found somewhere else and marked up on their site.  A lot of the time they shrink, blur, or orient the images so you can't see the part number on the label so it's harder to find it online, but if you're clever enough you can usually find it.  I've been looking at a lot of stuff lately that falls into this category and was thinking about my wife's favorite blog site called Regretsy.  One of the things the writer does is compare supposed hand crafted items to mass produced items sold somewhere else online to show you how bold some people can be in their markup attempts.  So here's my EV variant of Compare and Save!

You need one of these contacters to safely turn on and off the power to the motor.  You could buy it here:


You save $87.88 !!!

To keep your motor running cool, add forced cooling with a blower fan.  You can buy it here:


You save $408.89 !!!

You can't power all the original gauges and lights in your car with the 150v battery pack, so you need one of these DC-DC converters to get 12 volts.  This one's actually a lot cheaper than other version even at this EV store, but you could buy it here:


You save $63.31 !!!

Your braking power is normally "boosted" off of vacuum produced by your engine.  In order to maintain your braking power you need a vacuum system that you could buy here:


You save $323.88 !!!

Edit: This pump didn't actually work!  You saved too much by buying it.  See this post for a better option (that actually costs less in parts but requires a little fabrication).

So in just 4 items I've already saved around $900 by shopping around!  But can you put a price on convenience?  Granted not all of these are direct comparison.  Some of these are kits with a few bolts and hoses and I'm just comparing with the most expensive part of the system, but you get the idea.

But seriously, check out because it's pretty awesome!

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